Hot Tub Filter Cleaning

Most spas utilize pleated, surface loading, cartridge filters to clean the water.  Maintaining your filters is essential to proper spa functions.  Frequency of use of the spa is not the only factor in determining when the filter should be cleaned.  What gets into the water from the bathers and the size of the filter should also be be considered.  The smaller the filter surface area ( square feet) the greater the demand for cleaning.  Our recommended procedure for commencing filter cleaning is as follows.  First you should turn off the power to your hot tub at either the main breaker or the service disconnect.  On some models you may also go into lock-out mode via your topside spa control.  Next you will want to thoroughly rinse the pleats to get out the larger debris.  Should you have residual build up of oils and dirt we suggest that your filter soaks overnight in a solution of Robarb EZ Filter Cleaner and water.  There should be 8 ozs. of cleaner per 50 sq. ft. of filter surface area.  Place the filter, cleaner and water in a suitable container that immerses the filter.  Upon completion, give the filter a complete clear water rinse and place back into your hot tub.  Please note that some of our Sundance Spa models make use of depth loading specialized filters.  This type of filter can’t be cleaned properly and should be replaced as needed.