Since 1988, All Seasons Spas has enjoyed providing customers in the Columbus, Ohio area with an exceptional line of Spa products. We offer only the highest quality products from the various brands on the market for our customers’ enjoyment. With so many models to choose from, there’s a relaxing spa or hot tub to fit any home. All Seasons Spas offers a full line of affordable spas and hot tubs that will fit your lifestyle and your budget.

How can we offer the prices we offer?

Because we purchase our spas in larger truckload quantities and ship them from California on rail cars, we are able to negotiate the best terms from our suppliers every year to be able to bring huge savings off of the suggested retail price. What does this mean for you? Simply put, it means straight-forward, reduced prices without hidden fees like you might find from other spa vendors. Come see what makes us different and why we are known for our outstanding customer service and low prices.

Sundance Spas

With nearly 30 years experience in building quality spas, Sundance® offers superior quality and unmatched performance. From style & design to hydrotherapy, this product line represents the ultimate in performance. State of the art water management systems, operating efficiency, reliability, ergonomic appeal, and ease of use are just a few of the aspects you will come to appreciate about a Sundance® Spa.




Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

When you are looking for all the comforts of home, make sure that one of those comforts is a quality Jacuzzi hot tub spa. With so many models to choose from, there’s a relaxing Jacuzzi hot tub to fit any home, and any budget. No matter which hot tub you choose, be prepared to feel healthier and more relaxed every time you experience the benefits of Jacuzzi hydrotherapy. Jacuzzi produces a full line of affordable spas and hot tubs that will fit your lifestyle and your budget. All Seasons Spas was Jacuzzi Hot Tubs’ largest single retail store in the USA in 2014.




Catalina Swim Spas

Catalina Spas is the leading spa manufacturer in cutting edge technology and quality fitness and exercise equipment giving the consumer state of the art construction and absolute relaxation. Catalina Spas are carefully constructed to provide years of carefree performance despite frequent, daily use. As a result, we build the best spas and swim spas in the industry with high-quality, efficient heaters, pumps and other components.




Nordic Hot Tubs

Since 1995, Nordic has led the industry in providing high quality, therapeutic hot tubs. A Nordic Hot Tub is the perfect balance of hydrotherapy at a cost-effective price. Easy to install, hand-crafted from the finest materials, and stylishly designed, a Nordic Hot Tub is the perfect combination of quality and affordability.




Saunas and Infrared Rooms by Finnleo

Settle into a Finnleo® Finnish Sauna and let its warmth go to work. Just feel those muscles relax and the aches and tension fade away. Calories are burned and your skin feels renewed; you breathe clearly and deeply. Once again, body and soul are refreshed and ready to take on the world.