New 2019 Jacuzzi® J-400™ Collection Highlights

When you are looking for all the comforts of home, make sure that one of those comforts is a quality Jacuzzi hot tub spa. There is so much to love about Jacuzzi hot tubs.

  • Rejuvenate sore muscles and joints after a long day of work or play.
  • Relax and enjoy your own private hydrotherapy session.
  • Spend some family time together, or some romantic time with just the two of you.
  • Invite friends over for a therapeutic warm water soak.
  • Beat the chill of a cold day by soaking in your own home hot tub spa.


Celebrating 60 years in business,
Jacuzzi is the brand that started it all!

Step into award winning patented design. The coolest name in hydrotherapy since 1956 is still hot today. Technology started the industry, with the Jacuzzi brothers’ invention of the first hydrotherapy pump. Jacuzzi continues to lead the hot tub and whirlpool bath industries with hydro-technology solutions designed to make you feel good. Industry and consumer organizations, and publications such as Pool and Spa Living have recognized Jacuzzi Hot Tubs for excellence in design and customer service.

With so many models to choose from, there’s a relaxing Jacuzzi hot tub to fit any home. And any budget. No matter which hot tub you choose, be prepared to feel healthier and more relaxed every time you experience the benefits of Jacuzzi hydrotherapy. Jacuzzi produces a full line of affordable spas and hot tubs that will fit your lifestyle and your budget.

Did you know…the Jacuzzi® Brand is celebrating its 60th anniversary? In the following video discover, in Ken Jacuzzi’s own words, how the Jacuzzi family — the pioneers of hydromassage — have shaped the way the world relaxes, recovers and reconnects.

Below are just a few of the models to choose from — stop in to see even more choices!

The benefits of Hydrotherapy


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    This factory installed option is ideal for cold weather climates. The insulation blanket achieves up to 25% energy usage reduction, protects from moisture and mold, and reduces operating noise. Made from environmentally friendly recycled blue jean material.
  • J-1000 CONTROL*
    Easy to program filtration and heating cycles that help you control energy costs based on your personal use of the hot tub. The system also allows you to lock in your settings to prevent unauthorized access.
    Energy efficient pumps produce high-performance jet power cost effectively. By creating a strong and reliable flow through every jet, the jet pumps create a vigorous massage action while the low amp circulation pump works steadily to ensure clean, hot water is always available.
    Full-foam insulation with two different types of foam completely fills the compartment between the shell and the skirt. The TriFusion shell and foam insulation conserve energy and reduce heating costs by maintaining water temperature longer.
    Jacuzzi heaters feature an ultra low watt density, energy conserving titanium heating element and housing which increase thermal efficiency and save energy.
    Jacuzzi heaters feature an ultra low watt density, energy conserving titanium heating element and housing which increase thermal efficiency and save energy.
    Engineered to heat, filter, and sanitize in a highly efficient way, the Jacuzzi circulation pump also transfers heat created by the motor to the water, reducing energy usage.

* J-400 Collection Only