New 2019 Sundance® Spas 980™ and 880™ Series Highlights


Established in 1979, Sundance Spas has been recognized internationally with more awards and honors than any other spa company. Their exclusive components, processes, and features include the famous line of patented Fluidix™ jets. There is so much to love about Sundance hot tubs. Just pull back the hot tub cover and your Sundance spa is ready to go.

With over 30 years experience in building quality spas, Sundance offers superior quality and unmatched performance. From style & design to hydrotherapy, this product line represents the ultimate in performance. State of the art water management systems, operating efficiency, reliability, ergonomic appeal, and ease of use are just a few of the aspects you will come to appreciate about a Sundance Spa.

Quality features are the hallmarks of a Sundance Spa: highly effective spa jets, ergonomically designed seating, and easy-to-use spa control panels. Decades of engineering expertise have gone into the systems that keep the water clean with minimal maintenance. With fun and practical items like stainless steel trim for the spa jets (on selected 780 and 680 series models), built-in stereos and matching hot tub covers, you really can get exactly what you want in a Sundance.

Below are just a few of the models to choose from — stop in to see even more choices!


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  • Pure Clean Water
    The MicroClean water purification system featured on 880 and 780 Series spas surpasses all other spa water treatment systems for ensuring pure, clear water with low maintenance and reduced chemical usage.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Sundance manufactures high-performance, energy efficient hot tubs that are engineered to run efficiently for years. They build in systems and components that maintain thermal energy.
  • Technology
    You know how important it is to choose a spa that is made of the highest quality components, designed and manufactured to exacting standards. Sundance delivers the quality you expect, plus convenient and energy-efficient features.
  • Warranty
    Though a hot tub warranty is such a critically important aspect of a hot tub purchase, hot tub warranties are often over-looked in the purchasing decision making process. A hot tub is a major investment and Sundance Spas provides one of the best warranties in the business.
  • Unsurpassed Recognition
    Sundance Spas has been setting the industry standard in hot tub design and engineering for almost 30 years. They take pride in offering our customers hot tubs that are considered the benchmarks for contemporary luxury hot tubs.