Severe Winter Hot Tub / Spa Care

Check your spa daily (or more) to verify that it is functioning properly.

Keep the water temperature at 100 degrees or more.

Keep snow and ice off of your cover. Use a broom, not a shovel as that can cause damage to the vinyl.

Keep your cover secured with all four straps to the spa cabinet.

If your spa is not heating – leave it full and circulating.
The automatic freeze-protection in most hot tubs will keep the water moving – reducing freeze risk.

Supplemental heat should be provided by placing a small creamic-type portable heater in an open area within the spa’s equipment area.

If your hot tub has no functions get the heater in place as mentioned above.

If you have lost power to your home – keep the spa covered and filled.
Draining will not help. Only thorough winterization will suffice to prevent damage.

Is there an error condition displayed on your hot tub ?
Many times a clogged / dirty filter can deactivate the heater.
Power-off the spa – then remove the filter(s) – power-on the spa without the filter(s).

If the error goes away and heating resumes then it’s time for cleaning or replacing the filter(s)

* If you have lost power to your home and / or your hot tub has not been operating properly for a few days or more, then the damage may be done. Please turn off the breaker that supplies power to your hot tub.
Keep in mind that many spas can be repaired once things thaw out when warmer weather returns.

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