Hot Tub Buying Tip – Energy Efficiency – Insulation

We are all conscious of our environment and our resources.  When considering a spa for your backyard you should take into account the operating cost.   Full-foam spas from Sundance and Jacuzzi offer considerably lower monthly average electric consumption over low-cost, discount hot tubs.   This energy saving approach is accomplished three ways.  First, the innovative three-layer “Rigid Bond” shell construction retains the heat with unequaled thermal integrity.  Secondly, the spa shell is the insulated in a two step process.  A high-density, heat-resistant foam encapsulates the immediate shell and plumbing, then a second application of lighter density foam insulates the remainder of the area.  Finally, a thick insulating cover is included with every spa.  With an R-value of 13.5, each foam-filled cover is designed to ensure heat retention.

We will discuss other energy saving features, facts and myths in future hot tub buying posts……  Stay Tuned !