Advanced Spa Filtration – MicroClean System

Cleaner Water from Advanced Filtration

Sundance Spa’s 780 Series spas feature the unique two-stage MicroClean Filter.  The first-stage filter employed is a pleated, surface-loading element that captures larger particles.  This first-stage section is cleanable and re-usable ( please see hot tub filter cleaning post ).  This type of component is common throughout the hot tub industry.  However, in a Sundance 780 series, water is pulled from the surface, over the floating SlipStream skimmer, through the pleated first-stage cartridge via a therapy jet pump.

The uniqueness of our dual-filtration system is in the MicroClean filter.  This second-stage filter provides ultra-fine, depth-loading cleaning.  Similar to home drinking-water filter technology.  An energy-efficient 24-hour circulation pump provides the flow through this element.  Your MicroClean Filter generally will last 3-4 months before replacement will become necessary.  This depth-loading filter pulls in bather residue deeply, and is non-cleanable.   The exclusive MicroClean filter cartridge is the first FDA-compliant and NSF-certified element in the hot tub industry.