Hydrotherapy – Jacuzzi Style

Hydrotherapy.    Jacuzzi Style.

Delivered by the PowerPro jet System.

The ancient practice of water massage therapy has been popularized by Jacuzzi for a new age.  Jetted water can diminish muscle pain and tightness created by stress and overexertion.  A variety of therapeutic massage jets, unique to Jacuzzi’s J-300 Signature Series Hot Tubs, provide everything from focused deep-tissue massage streams to soft-tissue soothing micro-bubbles.  Two of our most integral jets are the PowerPro FX and FX2 designs.

The PowerPro FX jet’s unique fluted and rifled barrel design creates an energetic spiral flow.  With no moving parts this jet is extremely durable.  These adjustable jets are generally positioned within the spa to provide relief at the pressure points of the shoulders, neck, back, calves and feet.

The patent-pending Jacuzzi PowerPro FX2 jet is a larger, more powerful adaptation of the original.  The spinning, spiraling action provides a vigorous deep-tissue massage.  These jets are located to benefit the larger muscles of the middle and lower back.

So whether you have a specific localized massage need or a requisite total body treatment, these FX series jets with their spiraling action, and other PowerPro Jets to be discussed later, provide superior hydrotherapy.  Why not schedule a “test-soak” today to see for yourself how great you can feel.