Detoxify Yourself in a Sauna

woman and water detoxify - All Seasons SpasMedical studies have shown that many people, regardless of where they live, what their occupation is, or what their age is, are contaminated by toxic metals and chemicals.  This “toxic load” is acquired from our environment.  Many cases of chronic health problems are linked to this accumulation of these contaminants.

The heat of a sauna creates a hyperthermic condition which benefits those dealing with such issues.  Heat causes cells to release the captured toxins.  Once discharged, the substances will then exit the body through sweat.  Since this process is performed by lymph fluid, the kidneys and liver are mostly unencumbered by sauna heat therapy.  The cleansing benefits everyone and may be a clear advantage to those with compromised liver or kidney functions.

The therapeutic benefit of regular sweating in a sauna is considerable.  Whether you prefer a traditional or infrared sauna, we display both at All Seasons Spas, (and saunas too….)