What's the Best Hot Tub ?

J300 R4K20091 - All Seasons SpasWhat’s the best hot tub ?

Good question.  Many shoppers ask, where is there a reliable source of information regarding spas.  There are several websites that “rate” hot tubs with a star or similar system.  These evaluations are sometimes accurate.  Sometimes not.  Many of the ratings are biased towards one brand or another based on compensation received.  One of the best sources for fair assessments of spas is from the opinions of like-minded spa shoppers along with various hot tub dealers and users from around the world.  Some of the statements expressed by spa dealers must be taken with a grain of salt.  However, when reading through enough material one should be able to formulate an opinion of their own.

We highly recommend that if you would like to learn more about what spas and hot tubs people are buying and selling that you check out the following link to a chat-room forum.  You may choose to sign in and actively participate in the discussions or simple review the postings anonymously.

Click here to visit the forum at Whats the Best – Hot Tub website.

Don’t forget to grab your suits and towels for testing the waters of some of your local spa dealer’s hot tubs…