Chlorine Odor in a Spa

Have you ever gotten an extremely strong chlorine odor from a pool or spa ?  This “pool smell” is commonly blamed on too much chlorine.  However, in most cases this is simply not true.  When we use pools and spas we leave behind perspiration, oils and “other” unwanted additions, such as ammonias and nitrogen to the water.  The combination of these “bather wastes” and chlorine form what is known as chloramines ( or combined chlorine ).  This imbalance of supply (chlorine) and demand (waste ) is what creates the unpleasant smell and unattractive water.  Many people mistakenly think that too much chlorine is in the water and they stop adding chemicals.  Unfortunately, the problem can become worse with this rationale.  To eliminate the problem of “pool smell” chloramines we must tip the scales back into our favor.  The remedy is to either super-chlorinate or shock ( see article on shocking ) the spa to break the union of “bather waste” and chlorine.  When the bond is broken the chlorine becomes free and available as chlorine residual.  Properly balanced and maintained hot tub water should be clear and virtually odor free.  Please read present and future Hot Tub maintenance posts for more information on water care.  Or, please feel free to call or email us for personal attention.