How Many Jets Do Need in Your Hot Tub ?

Are More Jets Better ?

Many first time hot tub shoppers will get caught-up in jet counting.  Thinking that the more jets the better.  We offer spas and hot tubs with anywhere from 14 to 70 jets.  Our goal is to help you determine what is correct amount for your distinct needs.

The question that needs answered is how and why you plan on using the spa.  Is the hot tub for specific health and wellness therapy or perhaps simply for relaxation or entertainment ?

If you merely intend on having friends and family hang-out in the tub for fun and socializing then maybe a spa with more jets in more places is the answer for you.  Although, many of us hot tub owners will attest that when several people are in the spa together, that it’s not so much about jets and massage anyway.  It’s more about interaction and conversation.

Should your spa ownership goal be more therapeutic driven, then the focus is more about the type of jets and their location.  Specifically designed and placed therapy jets provide to proper relief from your neck and shoulders all the way down to your feet and ankles.

If you are unsure of what would be best for your needs, grab your suits and towels and try out one of our hot and ready spas.