Hot Tub Repair Help

Having trouble with your Sundance Spa or Jacuzzi Hot Tub ?

If you have a “FLO” error message on your topside control panel you may be able to correct t880 topside1 - All Seasons Spashis condition by yourself.

This trouble code display indicates that there may be insufficient water flow through the flow switch.

If this situation occurred out-of-the-blue, during normal usage, then perhaps it is time to thoroughly clean or replace your filter(s).  A simple test to see if it is a filter issue is to power-off the spa at your breaker or disconnect;  remove the filter(s);  inspect the spa to make sure that there are no leaves, debris, toys or any loose items; then reset the power without the filters being in place.  If the fault code display clears then then try to clean the spa filters.  If cleaning the filters doesn’t work then come visit us.  All Seasons Spas typically stocks replacement filters for Sundance, Jacuzzi, Nordic Hot Tubs as well as a few others at our Hilliard store.

If this fault code display appears after a drain and refill then you may have air trapped in the plumbing lines.  To remedy this condition, again, power-off the spa at either your breaker or disconnect then run additional water through the hot tub filter intake and then restart your spa.

Should none of the above procedures help, then give us a call and we can send a qualified service technician to your Columbus or Central Ohio spa or hot tub to diagnose and correct the situation.