Spa Cover Care – part 2

CoverMateIII Sundance - All Seasons SpasCover Lifts  Help Preserve Your Hot Tub Cover …..                 and Maybe Your Back Too !

Do you already have a spa and struggle with taking your cover off and putting it back on ?  Or, are you planning to own a hot tub soon and this is a concern ?  Well, we have the solution.  All Seasons Spas features premium, American Made, cover lifts from Leisure Concepts.  Sturdy aluminum frames and composite mounting brackets incorporated into the sleek design, provide time-tested performance.  Several removal and storage designs are available for each distinct hot tub installation.

The benefits of utilizing a cover assist device are plentiful.  By engaging ergonomic design, for ease of use,  it becomes quite simple for the spa user to easily remove the cover without the wear and tear on the handles, straps and skirts.  Then, the age-old question, of where to put the spa cover is answered.  Instead of landing on the deck, patio or landscaping, the cover is conveniently stored off the ground.  Avoiding abrasion and damage.  Once you are finished in the hot tub you can easily pull the cover back into place without the struggle and remain stress-free and refreshed.